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Chicago Yacht Club asks all participants to consider making a generous donation to one or more of our designated charities or become a benefactor by making a Medal Level Donation. Each of our designated charities makes a difference in the lives of Chicago’s children, each in different ways.




University of Chicago Medicine Comer
Children's Hospital


The UChicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital is advancing the forefront of kids’ health.  Their pediatric specialists are committed to offering every child the latest treatments and clinical breakthroughs.  Some of the current areas of research include novel approaches to pediatric epilepsy, potential treatments for neuroblastoma at the genetic level, and innovative care for premature babies.

SOS Children's
Villages Illinois


SOS Children's Villages Illinois offers an innovative approach to traditional foster care. Their model of care gives children the opportunity to live in a nurturing, stable, single-family home with their brothers and sisters in the care of a full-time, professionally trained Foster Parent in one of the Villages. Children benefit from the stability of remaining with their siblings as well as the support of neighboring SOS Illinois Foster Parents and the entire community.


Chicago Yacht Club Foundation


Your Chicago Yacht Club Foundation focuses primarily on bringing the joys and benefits of boating to Chicagoland kids who have not had the experiences we have enjoyed. We do this in three ways: 1) Introduce large numbers of Chicagoland kids to boating, mainly those who come from underrepresented groups; 2) Offer interested kids substantive boating programs to induct them in our sport; and 3) Provide opportunities for our kids to develop their skills and learn more about boating and related useful skills.



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